domingo, 18 de maio de 2008

The Mysterious White Light

When I was younger, in some night of summer in S. Cristóvão do Douro, I saw something different from what I knew. Something extraordinary. I walked accompanied by a younger cousin, in the road that connects the main road to my village, when to arrive at a place called quarry I look for a place in front of us, where only weeds and vines there, I saw a light white. The light was a perfect circle, a very pure white, not issuing any beam. It was a huge light, the size of the full moon, as if it were glued to that place. In this moment I looked into that bright circle, it began to decrease in size, always on the same site to being a little point and disappear.
Thousand questions passed through my head, but I put part of, any kind of flashlight that someone could carry, lights of cars, or anything known, because the size of that circle even by the bright purity of light that was emitted nothing has seemed to something I knew.
It was something extraordinary. Much as I try to imagine what it would be, still say I do not know what kind of light that was what or the source of the light. For me this event remains a mystery.

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Ani disse...

Well my dear friend, I believe that it was a Non - Identified - Light!!! Eh eh